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What's New
22nd February 2018

The Joint Meeting of the Ayrshire FHS's will be on 13th March 2018 and not 10th April as first published.

The meeting on the 10th April 2018 will now be a talk from John Stevenson - One Hundred Years of Gutta Percha.

Non-members are welcome to attend.

4th November 2017

There has been a Change of Speaker for the Joint Meeting with Largs Historical Society on the 15th November 2017.

Hugh Watson of East Ayrshire Family History Society will give a presentation on The Earl of Portland.

Non-members are welcome to attend.

3rd September 2017

The Syllabus for the 2017/18 session has now been added. Thanks goes to our Secretary, Ann Gregory, for all her
hard work.

The relevant "Meetings" webpage has been updated.

Non-members are welcome to attend any of the meetings and workshops.

12th May 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on the 9th May 2017.

Fiona Williamson was elected Chairperson with a
number of other changes being made to the Committee. The relevant "Committee" webpage has been updated to reflect these changes.