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Society Meeting Information

--- The Society holds a program of lectures, workshops and topical visits from September through to May.

--- Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held on a Tuesday in the Community Room, Largs Library, Allanpark Street,
Largs, at 7:30 pm.

--- Please note that the syllabus may be changed if a speaker is unable to attend on the evening stated.

--- Also we have our "Find Your Ain Folk" Drop In Service on the following dates:

29th September 2016 / 27th October 2016 / 24th November 2016 / 26th January 2017 / 23th February 2017 / 27th April 2017

These will be held in Largs Library Community Room, 2pm to 4pm - All Welcome

2016/2017 SYLLABUS
September 13th Lost Villages of Ayrshire - Dane Love
September 29th (Thursday) Workshop OR Visit to Heritage Centre, Saltcoats
October 11th My Ancestors got into Trouble: Court, Kirk Sessions and Scandal
- June Wiggins
November 5th (Saturday) Annual Coffee Morning, Dunn Memorial Hall, Largs
10am - 12 noon
November 8th Hair Styles: Male and Female throughout the Ages - E. D. Bremner
November 21st (Monday) Joint meeting with Largs Historical Society in St. John's TocH, Largs.
Speaker: Dr. S. Morrison, Strathcyde University
Subject: People's History: Exploring Oral History in the Community
December 13th Christmas Social +
To Honour the Angels - The Story of the Christmas Carol - Val Reilly.
January 10th Next Train for Largs - John Riddell
January 26th (Thursday) Workshop OR Visit to Heritage Centre, Saltcoats
February 14th Resources of the Carnegie Library - Tom Barclay
March 9th (Thursday) Joint meeting of Ayrshire FH Societies, Kilmarnock
Hosted by East Ayrshire FHS
Speaker: Dr. irene O'Brien
Subject: Heritage Along the Clyde
March 14th Fenwick Weavers - J. O'Neil
March 30th (Thursday) Visit to Carnegie Library
April 11th The Union of the Parliaments - Dr. I. Matheson
May 9th A.G.M.