12.30 pm– Aspects of Mining in Scotland
The talk will be presented by James Waugh and will cover
various aspects of coal mining history
This talk will be sponsored by Lothians Family History
1.30 pm – Asylum Records for Genealogy
The talk will be presented by Louise Williams, Archivist, Lothian
Health Services and will look at the circumstances of entering an
asylum and the treatments while there.
This talk is sponsored by The Scottish Genealogical Society
2.30 pm – The Men and (eventually) the Women of the Police of the Scottish Borders
The talk will be presented by David Smale who served with the Royal
Marines and Lothian and Borders Police. David has a Phd in Policing
History from University of Edinburgh.
This talk is sponsored by Borders Family History Society
3.30 pm – Understanding Kirk Session Records
Kirk Session records are a basic building block of research in Scotland and they are
expected to be released on ScotlandsPeople shortly. Kirk Session records contain
the records of the church court and record cases of discipline within the
congregation. A common reason people were brought before the Kirk Session was
fornication, but that’s not all we find in these records. There are also records of money being given to
the poor and records of births, marriages and deaths. In her presentation, Emma will help us
understand these records so that we can make the most of them to research our Scottish family history.
The talk will be presented by Emma Maxwell, Scottish Indexes
pm – The 2022 Annual SAFSH Conference
A preview by Tay Valley Family History Society
4.45 pm – Closing Remarks
Ian Leith, Chair SAFHS